Heavy Duty Truck Recovery & Cargo Services

Commercial Truck Recovery

Cobalt Car Clinic & Towing provides 24hr heavy duty recovery and cargo services in Northeast Ontario along Highway 11 from North Bay, Ontario to Kirkland Lake and provide 24hr services to Cochrane, North Bay, Haileybury, Cobalt and New Liskeard Ontario. Our team is comprised of certified and trained towing and recovery operators and are experienced in all types of heavy truck recovery techniques minimizing additional damage to the truck, trailer and cargo. Our vast knowledge will ensure the accident scene is cleared and cleaned as quickly as safety allows.

Our heavy duty recovery equipment includes two heavy duty rotators, a 50-ton heavy duty wrecker, a complete MatJack Air Bag Recovery System and an extensive list of recovery tools and equipment to ensure a fast and affordable recovery for your asset.


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Our heavy duty recovery services include:

  • Semi Truck Recovery
  • Machinery Recovery
  • Tractor -Trailer Recovery
  • Bus & Motor Coach Recovery
  • Semi Truck Accident Cleanup
  • Semi Trailer Storage
  • Medium Duty Truck Recovery

Cobalt Car Clinic & Towing offers cargo services for all Owner/Operators and Fleet trucks throughout our service area. We provide full service cargo clean up for spills and accidents as well as load shifts and load transfers to resolve weigh distribution and Transport Canada issues.

Cargo Services


We provide full service cargo services for Transport Canada scales at the New Liskeard Weigh Station Scales in Dymond, Ontario on Highway 11, the North Bay Weigh Station Scales in North Bay Ontario on Highway 17 and the Cochrane Weigh Station Scales in Cochrane, Ontario on Highway 11. Our Point of Entry and Scale Station services include:

  • Load Shifts
  • Load Transfers
  • Cargo Offloading
  • Cargo Storage
  • Trailer Storage
  • Forklift Service
  • Pallet Jack Service
  • Hand Truck Service

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Under Water & Ice Recovery


Cobalt Car Clinic & Towing offers off-road recovery services for all vehicles, trucks, snow machines, boats and other vehicles throughout the Highway 11 area in Ontario. We offer under water recovery, lake recovery and ice towing and ice recovery and our staff are experienced in snow, mud and water recoveries. Our specialized vehicles and equipment will ensure no additional damage will come to your vehicle. Call Cobalt Car Clinic & Towing now to experience our first class recovery services. We have the equipment and knowhow to recover your vehicle safely from the water and minimize the environmental damage.

Airbag & Air Cushion Recovery

air bag recovery

Cobalt offers Air Bag Recovery services which is a fast and cost-effective alternative to traditional heavy duty truck recoveries. Utilizing this technology, over-turned trailers and trucks can be up-righted without the cost and time consuming process of cargo offloading. Large air cushions are strategically placed to gently lift the trailer back to the upright position in a matter of minutes. Airbag and air cushion recovery services can significantly reduce additional damage to your asset and cargo. Call Cobalt Car Clinic now to save time and money on your heavy truck recovery service.

Commercial Truck Recovery

Semi Truck Rollover Recovery

Cobalt Car Clinic & Towing provides heavy recovery for mining sites, construction sites and farms. We provide mud recovery and off road recovery services for all types of heavy tractors and equipment. If you got there we can get you out. We provide mud extractions, construction site recovery, mining site recovery, equipment lifting and winching for all equipment. Call our dispatch center now at 705-679-8500.